Update on Restoration of Agency Commission

The hearing of IAAI’s Writ Appeal in the Hon High Court of Kerala in the matter of Case No 25752 / 2013 will continue tomorrow and we are very hopeful of a favourable decision..

In spite of the relevant Sections of IATA Resolution 824 being very clear as to the payment of remuneration by airlines to the Travel Agent for the sale of the airline services, it is very difficult to understand why DGCA, the Regulatory Authority in India for Civil Aviation, is not confronting the airlines in the matter of their contravention of both the IATA Resolution as well as the Orders from DGCA and MoCA dated 5th March 2010 and 16th September 2013 respectively.

IATA’s Apex Council in India, APJC-India, is interpreting the laws according to their whims and fancies in favour of the airlines and misguiding the Industry (either deliberately or through ignorance) and the ordinary Indian Travel Agents and the traveling public are the victims of such actions like zero commission, TAP, weekly payment system, BSP Cheque payment system etc.

APJC-India itself is not functioning as per the Appendix ‘F’’ Guidelines of January 2014 under IATA Resolution 818g. It is for this reason that IAAI has filed the SLP in the Supreme Court against IATA for not reconstituting APJC-India as per its own Resolution.

IAAI is the only Travel Agents representative Body that is relentlessly fighting for Agency Commission since June 2008. If the other Trade Associations are indeed having the interests of the Travel Trade Fraternity at heart, why are they not supporting IAAI’s views and actions in spite of the favourable Orders it has got from both DGCA & MoCA??!!

At the NMC Meet held on 20-21 February at Chennai, it was unanimously decided to continue our fight for commission and the reconstitution of APJC.

Friends, please rest assured, IAAI shall take all possible steps for getting our legitimate commission restored from all airlines operating to/from/within India.

We shall keep you posted on the developments.

Warm regards
for IAAI

D.L. Jekannathan
General Secretary